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What can you do to bring your family, team, or community together when it really matters?
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How to Lead Your Family, Team, or Employees
From "Me" to "We"...
Unrest. In-fighting. Laziness. Selfishness. Lack of Direction
All of these symptoms stem from one common American disease:
Take a minute and notice the news headlines. Everything is all about "Me, Me, Me." It has crept into every aspect of our society. In this book, you'll gain insight into:
  • The difference between a scarcity and abundance mindset
  • The Three Dimensions of Authentic Wealth—especially the two Legacy Dimensions (Foundational and Intellectual)
  • How to develop a KASH (Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills and Habits) Blueprint and develop a perpetual Legacy Bank
  • How to hold Family Vacations with a Purpose
  • How to make deposits and withdrawals from your family’s Legacy Bank
  • How to rethink your thinking (and help your children do the same)
These Concepts Have Been Seen On:
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When you order your copy of Entitlement Abolition, you'll look at what’s ailing America’s families and workforces, New York Times Best Selling Author Douglas R. Andrew outlines the traps that have led to the spread of entitlement.  Traps such as:
  • Covering for your children's mistakes
  • ​Protecting your children from uncomfortable consequences of their own choices
  • ​Buying things for them without ANY responsibility on their part or involving them in the process
  • ​Bailing children out of financial obligations
  • ​and many more...
"It’s about being responsible, accountable, and a better parent and grandparent."

– Daniel G.
"Eye opening, Doug documented discouraging problems yet provided encouraging possibilities to personally improve one’s situation."

-Larry O.
"The information shared about family relationships was awesome."

- Josue R.
Want to Abolish Entitlement Mindsets While Building Abundance Mindsets in your Family or Business? 
Read This Before Going ANY Further
From The Desk Of Doug Andrew:
What causes entitlement?

What are you doing to cause entitlement?

How do I replace entitlement with accountability and responsibility?

I address these and many other questions we could ask in my book, Entitlement Abolition.
But before I tell you more about the book, let me show you a dangerous pattern that I saw again and again as a financial strategist for 40+ years.

I had the privilege of working with some of the nation’s wealthiest individuals and families, 

As time passed in my career, I noticed some very concerning symptoms...

Families who were adept at accruing financial wealth were often bankrupt in other areas of life. They often times spent decades of time building their wealth the the expense of their health.

Or perhaps they built amazing relationships with their staff, but not their children...

Otherwise well-meaning parents were dumping vast stores of fish in their children’s laps, without teaching them how to fish. Others were allowing their children to crack the nest egg early, leaving everyone with less in the years they would need it most.

The diagnosis: 
The remedy:
In the book, I write about the rise and fall of many major civilizations, like the Roman Empire.
If you look through history, they hold a pattern that often happens in families today. 

It begins with a period of significant growth, an era filled with expansion in several areas: skills, wisdom, knowledge, affluence, and ways of living.

This leads to continued increase, with knowledge, influence and power spurring the development of even more knowledge, influence and power. 

Wealth and abundance abound … until entitlement creeps in.
The expansion in areas such as: skills, wisdom, knowledge, affluence, and ways of living can be re-labeled as something we like to call KASH or:
The Entitlement Cycle VS. The Abundance Cycle
As abundance and wealth become a part of everyday life, and everyone benefits. 

This is where things can take a wrong turn if families aren’t vigilant. 

If children aren’t required to practice responsibility, accountability, and financial partnership in things like pursuing education, purchasing cars or homes, or serving humanitarian or religious missions, they can become entitled.

Let’s compare the Entitlement Cycle now to the Abundance Cycle. You’ll notice the path is the same through the first three stages:
  • The development of KASH
  • ​The increase of KASH and cash
  • ​The prosperity of wealth and abundance.
Now, Stage 4 is where things can go right, instead of wrong. When families take proactive measures to reinforce an abundance mentality (more on this in Chapter 3) and instill accountability and responsibility, they are setting up the next generation for success in every aspect of life.

The next stage is where families establish a Legacy Bank, which is a conceptual bank where you can deposit the knowledge, experiences, strategies, and lessons learned by family members.
In this book, you'll also learn concepts such as:
CHAPTERS 1-3: Build a Solid Foundation
  • Fundamentals of taxes and insurance
  • What makes a prudent investment
  • Why you want liquidity, safety, rate of return, and tax advantages in your financial vehicles
CHAPTERS 4-10: Understand the Nuts-and-Bolts
  • How The LASER Fund works
  • How it plays out in illustrated scenarios
  • How it compares to other financial vehicles
CHAPTERS 11-14: Dive a Little Deeper
  • Why these proven strategies may be new to you or those you know
  • How to safeguard your approach
  • Why The LASER Fund isn’t the only strategy you want ... and how to optimize your portfolio
If planned and executed well, this Abundance Cycle can go on for generations to come. 

Having a functional Legacy Bank in place, with the family actively participating in contributing to and withdrawing from the bank, empowers future generations to have early access to moving forward in developing their own KASH and cash. 

Unlike the participants of the Entitlement Cycle, who had to start over from scratch.

Now, can you still move forward on your journey if you don’t have a perfect level of predictability and stability in your plan?

Sure! Millions of Americans do. But that’s where we ask: why not put yourself in a position to have the best possible outcome? 

Like St. Jerome said, “Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better is best.”

The question now stands, what are you waiting for?

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Well, there are actually a few reasons...
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  • ​I've implemented these exact concepts with my own family and I am passionate about teaching them to you.
  • ​A wise man once said, "No amount of success can compensate for failure in the home." I want to see you succeed in cultivating a culture of abundance and abolishing entitlement in your family, business, or community!
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Doug Andrew
Author, Entitlement Abolition
NY Times & WSJ Best Selling Author
Entrepreneurial and Abundant Living Coach
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