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The Entitlement Abolition Kit
Entitlement–It’s not just an ailment for the rich and wealthy entitlement has struck across all socioeconomic levels.
  • 10+ Hours of Video and Accompanying Audio - These educational videos will walk you through each concept step-by-step. You'll learn the mindsets, tools, and habits you need to abolish entitlement from your family or workplace.
  • 43 PDF Documents and Tools - The tools in this kit are designed to help you gain clarity on the thoughts and ideas of an abundance mindset.
When you get this kit, you'll learn how you can:
  • Minimize scarcity and nurture an abundance mindset
  • Develop a KASH (Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills and Habits) Blueprint and develop a perpetual Legacy Bank
  • Hold Family Vacations with a Purpose
  • Make deposits and withdrawals from your family’s Legacy Bank
  • Rethink your thinking (and help your children/employees do the same) to create a culture of abundance in your families/business
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"It’s about being responsible, accountable, and a better parent and grandparent."

– Daniel G.
"Eye opening, Doug documented discouraging problems yet provided encouraging possibilities to personally improve one’s situation."

-Larry O.
"The information shared about family relationships was awesome."

- Josue R.